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Dr. Christina Petersen
Your New City Chiropractor

Chiropractic & Pregnancy

An Amazing Success Story

I started Chiropractic care during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy.  After having a very long and difficult labor with my 1st child, I was determined to have a more comfortable experience with my 2nd.  I heard from a friend that Chiropractic adjustments could help my labor and delivery be much easier.  Although I was skeptical at first, I decided to give it a try.  

Dr. Chrissy explained how the nerve system controls the pelvis and uterus and adjusted me using Webster’s Technique, which is crucial during pregnancy. To make a long story short, 
my son Zane was born in a little over 
two hours without any drugs!

Chiropractic Success Story

Alex W.

Before starting care I was getting terrible headaches and hip pain on a daily basis.  It became so bad that I was taking Ibuprofen on a daily basis.  I was skeptical about Chiropractic, but my friend convinced me to give it a try, and I’m glad I did!  Since being under care, I’ve had little to no headaches and my hips feel so much better. 

I can even walk or run without any pain!  I’ve also noticed that I haven’t been getting sick as often.

The transformation from being a skeptic to truly understanding Chiropractic has been amazing.

I look forward to my adjustments each week and seeing all of the friendly faces in the office.


Amy W.

I have been a patient of Dr Craig’s for the last few months and have been thrilled with my results.  I started care of the office because I was suffering from severe headaches and neck pain.  Things had gotten so bad that I was only able to sleep for an average of 5 hours per night.  When it was at its worst I was lethargic, irritable and had very little desire to socialize.  I had been to chiropractors before with mixed results but I had not been adjusted in about 10 years.   

Since beginning care I am happy to report that my headaches are completely gone, I have no neck pain and I’m getting a solid 8 hours of sleep per night.  Because I am in less pain I am in a much better mood and have a lot more energy.

The care at New Life Chiropractic is genuine and consistent.  Everyone at the office is friendly and welcoming and always they always strive to make my weekly adjustments a real treat!

Allergy and Asthma Relief Finally!
Amy and Calvin S.

    When my son Calvin and I first began chiropractic care, we both had been suffering from severe allergies and asthma.  I had been experiencing these symptoms most of my life.  Calvin started to have breathing problems early in his life. He was also experiencing frequent earaches, excema, and colic.  He was put on a nebulizer for his asthma, and that really scared me.  I was taking either Singulair, Claritin, Allegra or Reactin every day.  I had to rotate them, or they didn’t work for me.  I was also using an inhaler when I had an asthma attack.  In addition to all of that, I had allergy shots every year.  I was at the point that I was so sick of taking drugs every day and giving them to my son when I met Dr. Chrissy.
    I never knew too much about chiropractic, and what I did hear frightened me.  I was scared that it would hurt, or that I would have to go forever.  I am so glad I decided to try it.  Almost immediately, all of my symptoms disappeared!  I didn’t need to use any medication, or my inhaler, which amazed me.  I noticed that I was sleeping better and was much more productive at work.  It worked so well for me that I decided to bring Calvin.  Dr. Chrissy assured me that adjustments for babies were nothing like adjustments for adults.  He responded just as quickly as I did!  I took him off of the nebulizer, and he was breathing a lot better, which was such a relief.  In fact, since Cal and I have been under chiropractic care (almost 2 years now), neither one of us has needed to go to the doctor for anything but a check up!
    I am very satisfied with the care that my son and I have received here at New Life Chiropractic.  We both look forward to getting adjusted every week now.  I understand that chiropractic is a lifestyle and a new way of looking at health and symptoms, and I am so glad that I have this new way of thinking!

Pain Free After Just One Visit!
Analise Q.
I have had scoliosis since I was a teenager and had been in a lot of pain for many months.  I was in pain so severe I couldn’t take it anymore. I wore a brace for 3 years until the doctors thought I was done growing.  Once I stopped wearing it I thought I’d be fine.  I was for a while, but every now and then I would have a flare up of mid-back pain that would last for a few months at a time.  This last time it was lasting longer than usual and I needed to do something.  
I was very hesitant about chiropractic because I had heard stories about how people never felt the same again. I was very nervous and thought it was going to hurt.  Before I came to New Life Chiropractic I tried another chiropractor, but he didn’t adjust me, even after three visits!  
My boyfriend Devin finally convinced me to try Dr. Chrissy and after one adjustment here my pain disappeared.  I also feel that over time my posture has improved and I have learned a lot about the positive benefits of chiropractic care. No one should ever have to be in pain if it is as simple as getting adjusted. Everyone here is so great and they make me feel so comfortable. Now, I look forward to getting adjusted and I don’t think I will ever stop taking care of my spine for the rest of my life!  

No More Neck Pain and Headaches
Antoinette W.

    I had been suffering for 20 years with neck pain, daily headaches, and stiffness before beginning care here at New Life Chiropractic.  Every morning I woke up to pain and usually a headache before I even got out of bed!  I also lacked energy a lot of the time, and had to take asprin to get rid of the headaches.  But they always came back!  All of this would put me in a really bad mood, which I didn’t like at all because I consider myself a very positive person.  I had never tried chiropractic in the past, and didn’t really know too much about it.  
    The progress I have made is incredible.  Dr. Chrissy told me that my neck was out of its proper alignment and putting pressure on my nerves, most likely from an accident I had suffered many years ago. This was the reason I had been suffering for all of these years.  After only a few adjustments I was rid of my headaches.  Now I have so much more movement in my neck, and only have occasional stiffness.  It has been almost four months since I started care, and I feel like a new woman!  I have tons more energy, and I just feel happier.  
    I am so glad that I started getting adjusted here.  I even brought my daughter in to get started with chiropractic care, and she is getting great results too! The staff is very knowledgeable and caring.  They are always available for questions and also flexible for scheduling.  My favorite part is that we are always taken on time, and never have to wait!  Thank you, New Life Chiropractic for making me a better me!

Thank God
No More Spinal Stenosis Problems!!
Arlene K.
I had been suffering from severe lower back pain over the last 6 years.  I was diagnosed with a condition known as spinal stenosis and tried everything to rid myself of the pain.  I tried everything from medication to steroid injections to decompression therapy, but the results were only short-lived and usually came with unwelcome side effects.
  Things had gotten so bad that I could barely walk without being in extreme pain.  This made life very difficult for me because I love traveling to the Jersey Shore and spending time with my family.  I was skeptical to give chiropractic care a try because I had minimal results in the past.  After much thought and encouragement from my daughter-in-law, I finally decided to start care at New Life Chiropractic.
Since beginning care a little over a year ago, my life has completely changed.  I can’t believe it, but I am actually 100% pain-free and doing well.
I am able to walk as long as I like without being in pain.  I can work, stay active with my family and enjoy my trips to the Jersey Shore without worrying about being in pain.
I am finally leading a normal life and it is all thanks to Chiropractic Care!

No More Sciatica!!
Daniel B.

I experienced a sciatic nerve injury due to a ruptured disc in my lower back about five years ago.  At its worst I would literally be in bed for up to 10 days at a time.  I could not get out of bed to live my life.  I was prescribed pain pills, which provided temporary relief but never really took care of the pain long term because they never addressed the cause.  
Since I started care here at New Life Chiropractic my back feels stronger and less painful than it has in a long time.  Also, I feel that I can breathe better and I definitely have more flexibility all around.  I am also noticing that I am sleeping better.  Overall, I just feel great!  I work twelve-hour days on my feet and truly feel that I would not be able to handle it if it wasn’t for chiropractic.
I am so happy that my roommate Devin referred me here.  The office has a great feeling when you walk in and everyone here will really go above and beyond for you.  It is a very comfortable atmosphere and I have been extremely satisfied with my care here!  I think chiropractic is great!

I Just FEEL Healthier!
Devin D.

    I started chiropractic care about a year ago because I hurt my lower back. It felt really tight and when it was bad I couldn’t even walk or sleep.  I tried medication but the pain always came back.  I also tried physical therapy, which helped a little, but the pain was still there.  It was starting to affect a lot of areas of my life, including my ju-jitsu training.  As an athlete it was very frustrating to not be able to train properly.  
    I had never been to a chiropractor before so I was a little nervous to start.  I didn’t know too much about it.  When I met Dr. Chrissy at my martial arts studio, she told me more about it so I started care.  Now I do not really feel the pain anymore, and when I do it is nowhere near as severe as it was!  Not only does my back feel better, but I can actually breathe better and I feel that my digestion has also improved. I just feel healthier!
    Everyone is really nice here and it is a really fun environment.  I especially like the white boards, because even after a year, I learn something new every single week!

Enrique S.

I began care because I had back and leg pain.  When it was at its worst, I could not walk, my legs were useless and I had to sleep on the sofa to try to obtain some relief.  I tried many different therapies including biofeedback and acupuncture without any results.  It had gotten so bad I actually decided to have back surgery.  Surgery gave me short term pain relief but, unfortunately, didn’t correct the problem.  A friend from my church told me to call Dr. Craig and try chiropractic.  I’m happy to say that after being under care for the last few months I have noticed that things have dramatically improved.  The pains in my back and leg have been relieved and I am able to do everyday things without any issue or problems.

A chiropractor is easy to find, but finding someone who has Christian values, truly cares for patients and is dedicated to staying on top of the latest improvements in care is not easy to find---GOD BLESS!!!

Isabella D.


I had been experiencing lower back pain for months before giving chiropractic a try.  The pain was tolerable, but it limited my range of movement and made me feel very old. I was a bit skeptical at first, but after talking to Dr. Craig I decided it was worth a shot.
       Since starting care I feel great!
I feel healthier, pain-free and my posture is much better.  Even more amazing, I have had no allergies this season.  I have also noticed that I have more energy and can cope with stress much better.
      Not only do I feel great, but my body is functioning at an all-time high        -Isabella D.  

Shoulder Pain Is Completely Gone!!
Jane V.
When I first began seeing Dr. Craig I had a severe neck and shoulder spasm on my right side.   When it was at its worst it was very painful and I was unable to lift my right arm or carry anything with that side.  This shoulder problem even caused my right leg to start to hurt because of all the compensating I was doing trying to avoid using my right arm.  
    I have used chiropractic in the past for whiplash injuries and neck pain with success.  The adjustments relieved my pain, so I was not hesitant to give it another try.  I have made excellent progress since beginning care here at New Life Chiropractic.  The pain in my shoulder and neck is totally gone.  Also, the general tightness in my shoulders has eased, my legs and hips feel more even, and I just feel healthier in general.   Some other effects of my care here have been improved digestion, improved yoga practice, and more quality sleep.    
    I am so happy that someone upstairs at Yoga Mountain told me about Dr. Craig!  The whole staff here is very professional and friendly.  Everyone is genuinely concerned not only about your current health concern, but also your long-term health!

No More Dizzy Spells!!!
Jeff M.

When I first started getting adjusted it was because of severe lower back and neck pain and a very unstable sense of balance.  When the dizziness was at its worst I was experiencing periods of blacking out.  The pain in my lower back and neck would often result in an inability to even get out of bed.  I felt very non-functional as a human being. This went on for about four years before I discovered New Life Chiropractic.

I never realized how beneficial chiropractic care would be for me.  I tried traditional medical treatments and my body was not responding to them at all.  In fact, my conditions were just continuing to grow more pronounced over time, even with the treatments I was receiving.
Since beginning care here my neck pain has lessened a great deal.  I am able to move my neck without discomfort.  My lower back pain has also decreased greatly and it is not as debilitating as it used to be.  My balance feels like it has improved, which is something I did not even realize that chiropractic could help me with.   Another thing I have noticed since I have been getting adjusted is that I have more of a “can-do” attitude and I am not as thrown by the “little things” and surprises that life contains.  I feel much more positive and in control.  It is a lot easier for me to relax, which is wonderful.  I am so grateful that my fiancée Ro referred me here.  I really like the openness of the approach here and the increased supportiveness I have received.  Each adjustment is a positive experience.  Thank you!

I Feel Like a New Person
Jennifer G.
When I first started chiropractic care here at New Life Chiropractic I had severe pain in my lower back and I couldn’t walk straight.   I also had a lot of pain in my shoulder causing my arm to be numb much of the time.  The pain in my shoulder was debilitating and the discomfort left me unable to sleep.  It was also affecting my ability to teach because it was impossible to hold my arm up to write on the blackboard.      
    My previous experience with chiropractic was not a good one, and in fact I felt that a rough neck adjustment was to blame for some of my symptoms.  Because of this I was reluctant to give chiropractic another chance.  When Lisa told me that Dr. Chrissy uses lighter techniques I decided to try again.  I am glad I did!
    Since beginning care I feel like a new person.  My whole demeanor has improved.  I am not in pain all the time, so I am happier and able to be more active!  I can do some of the things I love that I was unable to do for so long like walking, lifting weights and biking.  I realize that it is a continuing process and I plan on being adjusted on a regular basis from now on.      
    The care at New Life Chiropractic is top notch.  It is a total body experience, which is perhaps why it is working so well for me.  

Chiropractic Gave Me HOPE!
Kate C.

    I started chiropractic care after an operation in the 1980’s left my knee without cartilage and arthritic.  My knee kept “slipping” and causing numerous trip-ups during the day.  It was very painful and sometimes embarrassing to trip walking down the street.  The pain in my knee also caused me to put additional strain on my right ankle, causing tendonitis.  The problem with my knee has become worse over the last few years.  I was really discouraged about losing the ability to do the things that I enjoy, like hiking.  
    I had been to other chiropractors, but I have never set up a consistent plan with them.  I thought that a visit or two would help, but the effects were never long lasting and I would become disheartened by the lack of progress.
    As I work with Dr. Chrissy over time, I’m finding that there are increasing moments of greater stability and mobility.  A lot of my progress thus far has been in understanding the process of change.  It takes time and consistency.  Dr. Chrissy taught me that my knee problem was really a connected hip problem, which is exacerbated by a tight piriformis muscle.  I think that the greatest benefit of my experience here, at New Life Chiropractic is HOPE!!  I feel hopeful that I’m doing the right thing to help myself, and when I feel hopeful, I can begin to start taking care of myself in other ways as well.  
    I feel very thankful to Lisa Detres (the wonderful and talented massage therapist at New Life Chiropractic) for suggesting that I see Dr. Chrissy!  I find the general organization of the office very impressive.  Finances are kept straight.  Appointment times are always kept and there is always room for flexibility or maintenance visits.  
I like Chrissy and Craig.  They are very positive and constantly looking for ways to help and educate me.  I like the weekly analogies as a way to communicate life principles.  

Kay S.

When I first began seeing Dr. Chrissy I had really bad hip, knee and lower back pain.  I was also suffering from terrible headaches and constant sinus pressure.  I had experienced these symptoms for as long as I could remember!  I felt like a 70-year-old in a 23-year-old’s body.  My pain was so bad that sometimes I couldn’t walk for short distances; which wasn’t good, since I was working as a waitress in a restaurant and had to be on my feet and walk for many hours at a time.  I was missing so many classes at school and frequently missing work due to my pain.  I was feeling as if my ailments were hindering my achievement.   I was constantly sick or achy.
    Before coming to Dr. Chrissy, my first experience with Chiropractic was horrible!  I went to another Chiropractor who scared me by telling me that I had a neck problem that was close to becoming irreversible. He also said that I would have to wear a shoe lift to “fix” my hip problem but, then he told me that the shoe lift couldn’t be put in until I was “treated” for several weeks.  Past treatments have included x-rays, medication and hanging chairs, but nothing was helping.  Due to all of my bad experiences in the past, I was very skeptical about Chiropractic, but I was so happy when Dr. Chrissy fixed my hip pain in less than a few minutes.
    Since coming to Dr. Chrissy I have had DRAMATIC RESULTS!!!  I no longer have persistent headaches, no more sinus problems, no more hip pain and no more persistent back pain!  I no longer need medication for painful periods; I have a lot more energy and a stronger immune system.  Overall I am more aware of my own body and health.  I now have a strong understanding that everything is connected and that my body has the ability to heal itself.  I’m so happy that my mom referred me to Dr. Chrissy!  At New Life Family Chiropractic I feel like part of the family!!  Chiropractic has affected my life so dramatically that I am now planning to pursue a career in Chiropractic!

New Life, New Me!
Laura K.
I began care with Dr. Chrissy because I have scoliosis and have been having problems with my spinal alignment.  As a Yoga instructor, alignment is critical for me in doing my job.  Because of this problem, I was experiencing pain in my hip that made it hard to sleep, stand or sit for too long.  I have tried chiropractic care in the past with no results.  I didn’t like the “aggressive” adjustment that I received.  I also didn’t like the lack of explaining as to why long-term care is necessary.
I have known Dr. Chrissy for some time and liked the fact that she uses extremely gentle techniques that aren’t aggressive at all.  Dr. Chrissy also helped me understand that long-term care isn’t for everyone….just for people who want to stay healthy and be their best.
Since starting care I am happy to say that my hip pain has drastically decreased and I have even noticed more mobility in my neck
I can truly say that since I started care, I have 
become a much happier person!!

Chiropractic Success Story
Lelan Takes Flight

You've done it! You did what I thought was impossible, and I literally owe you the rest of my life.
 I have often bemoaned the fact that I had to give up my martial arts training since getting hurt in 2002;  A fact that has been seriously screwing with my confidence for these last six and a half years. With the exception of those years, I've been training in martial arts since I was twelve. It was such a part of my life that not being able to for all this time has felt like some kind of karmic punishment.
 Well, today after leaving your office I did some birthday shopping, and as I was driving around, I just FELT strong. I decided that when I got home, I would do a little of the training. I got home, changed, and went out into the yard to do some stretches before I started. While I was stretching, I noticed that the usual tightness and resistance were gone, so I got brave and tried a jumping, spinning back fist. Nothing! No tweaks, not seizing, no warning twinges, nada.  Against my better judgement (being fearful of regressing my treatment and seriously screwing up my weekend), I launched a high front snap kick; Again, nothing. Spinning wheel kick, tornado kick, rising sun kick, butterfly kick, roundhouse, side kick... all the same story.
 Now, obviously, I didn't get everything back 100% (thanks for that, arthritis in the left hip), and after 6 1/2 years of zero training on kicks, my targeting, power, and form aren't what they used to be, but now I have the opportunity to fix that. I was so excited that when my wife got home, I couldn't resist giving her a demonstration. I've been hurt for almost our entire relationship, and today was the first time she's ever seen me this stoked (also the first time she's seen me able to move like that).
 With as much as I'd love to be able to take credit, what with my never-say-die approach to living, I can't. It's all you and the work you've done over just the last FIVE MONTHS! I can never thank you enough for this. I wouldn't know how to start to express either my gratitude or how liberating the whole thing is for me. All I can say is I'm back! According to every "doctor" that saw me back in the day, I should be using a cane and preparing myself for life in a wheelchair by now. But thanks to you, I can fly again! So, thank you- with every fiber of my being. Good work!

I started care with Dr Chrissy because I was suffering from back pain that began affecting me at work.  When it was at its worst I literally could not work through my entire shift without experiencing significant pain.  Anyone who works on their feet knows how frustrating it can be to work through pain. Things had gotten so bad that the pain began interfering with my school work and social life. I have never been to a chiropractor before but decided to give it a try after my mom’s co-worker gave me 
Dr. Chrissy’s business card and phone number.
I have only been under care for a short time and have experienced incredible results.  My pain has drastically decreased and, ironically, I have even noticed that my quality of sleep has improved (this is quite a life-changer for someone that has been an insomniac for years!).
Each and every visit I have had…..has been a pleasure!
Healed From Chronic Back Pain
Maureen L.

I can’t believe how far I have come in such a short period of time! I suffered from chronic back pain for over 10 years with little to no relief.  At times it got so bad that I would walk crooked and sleep with a heating pad. The only thing that would help was Advil, but I did not want to be taking it every day for the rest of my life. Not knowing where else to turn, I decided to give Chiropractic a try after being referred by my Yoga instructor, Stephanie. I was very hesitant about getting “cracked”, but Dr Craig assured me that I was in good hands...and boy was he right!

I am doing so much better since I committed to care. I have much less pain, my posture has improved and my scans are near perfect.  Everyone here is wonderful and helpful and are very committed to better health naturally.  I have been a patient here for a short time, so I know the best is still yet to come.

Charlene and Ralph D.

 When I first started care here I was experiencing terrible neck pain and very frequent migraine headaches.  I was in constant pain and had to literally hold my neck and massage it just to get through the day.  It felt as if I couldn’t hold my own head up!  I was grouchy and irritable and it really affected my whole life.  I took so much Advil that I got a stomach ulcer and I was also taking injectable migraine medication very frequently. This was no way to live!
I had been to a few chiropractors in my life starting from when I was a child and had had mainly good experiences.  I once had a rough neck adjustment, so I was reluctant to give it another try.  When my neighbor Vickie told me about Dr. Chrissy and how gentle her adjustments were I thought I would give it one more chance.  Since I have been getting adjusted regularly, I have far less frequent headaches and neck pain.  I am much more aware of taking care of my body now.  I felt as if I was in a rut before and now I am able to be more active.  Chiropractic keeps me young!  
The best part of it all is that when I went to listen to the “Human Potential Program” I brought my husband Ralph and now he has been getting adjusted as well.  I never thought he would try it, but I am so glad he did!  He didn’t really have any symptoms when he started but he is now standing taller and Dr. Chrissy even got him to move the wallet that he carried in his back pocket to his front pocket!
I feel like we are family here and that Dr. Chrissy and Dr. Craig really care about us!  The office is a warm and happy place to be and it is the best chiropractic care I have ever received!  

Great Care, Great Results
Richard M.

I began care with Dr. Craig because I had pain and numbness in both of my legs.  I have had this problem for years and things had gotten so bad that I was only able to sleep 1-2 hours at a time.  There were some nights where it literally took me 3-4 hours just to fall asleep.  This affected my mood, my family relationships and my energy level.  I have tried Chiropractic care in the past with terrible results; in fact I was under care at a different office for 2 years without getting any results.  Although I was very hesitant, a friend urged me to give
 Dr. Craig a try.

I am happy to report that after being under care for just 6 months, I am 90% cured of my problem.  I have been able to sleep without any problems and my energy level has drastically increased.  Dr. Craig gave me hope and took me from having a bad chiropractic experience to an incredible chiropractic experience!! 

I Am Sleeping Great For The First Time in Years!
Vickie F.
I was first interested in chiropractic care because of constant pain in both of my hips and knees.  I had been experiencing this pain for about two years and was beginning to think I would just have to learn to live with it.  I was very tired all the time and was always in pain.  When I would get home after a day at work I felt as if I needed to lay down and rest my legs. I couldn’t sleep well at night because I couldn’t lie on either side without pain.  I was tired all the time because I never got any good sleep.  
My past experience with chiropractic was a negative one, so I was very skeptical about starting adjustments.  I had many cortisone injections in both my hips and my knees.  I found that they only worked as a band-aid until the next injection and didn’t address the cause of my pain.  
I saw Dr. Craig do a presentation about chiropractic at the Clarkstown Senior Center.  After talking to him about it, I reluctantly decided to give chiropractic another try.  I am so glad that I did!  Since beginning care here at New Life Chiropractic my hips are much better and I do not see any cortisone in my future at this time.  I am able to sleep better and wake up in the morning ready for a new day!  I used to wake up just as tired as when I went to sleep.  I am now able to do so much more.  I can go out after a workday.  I have a happier body and therefore a happier attitude and life!  The best part is that my husband and daughter started care here too, and we really are one happy, well-adjusted family!  Everyone in the office is wonderful.  They make me feel so comfortable and happy all time! It is a very relaxing atmosphere and I look forward to my adjustments!